Monday, April 16, 2007

An Essay On Oil and the Future of Our Non-Future

Nobody will ever agree on anything. Ever.
Nobody wants to come to an agreement with other people if it might possibly change anything they’ve known in any way.
This is why people don’t deserve sympathy or respect.

Oil companies are chomping at the bit to get into the wilderness of ANWR, namely the 1002 area. Claiming that we can offset prices and reduce our imports if only those liberal, tree-huggers would stop impeding our progress. Well, sod that.
We as consumers experienced record gas prices in the last six years and were told that there was an oil shortage, we bought that in the form of gas. We mumbled under our breath as we fill our tanks at $1.75, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00 and even $3.50 a gallon. Then we filled our SUVs and minivans and drove places at one-hundred miles an hour killing small animals and children in the process, contributing to the poisoning of our planet and gave a bunch of savage fig-eaters (Big Lebowski reference. I could’ve done a lot worse.) some semblance of power and importance in the world. Who may be or are simply offering refuge to the reason the world is as messed up and chaotic as it is. As in terrorists and the cowboys who fight them.
The oil companies have posted record profits as we sift through. . . Record Prices! Regardless of how anyone feels about George Bush, ANWR, last night or tomorrow morning, no one, in good conscience, can deny the increasing evidence that much of corporate America is taking advantage of the War in Iraq to pad their pockets. And the oil companies are right there at the top, except instead of taking advantage of the chaos that is Iraq, they are taking the buggering right to your driver-side window. So if the reason for opening ANWR for drilling is to bring the cost of a gallon of gas down, then we should probably look past the trees and see if we can see the forest.
Then there is the aspect of industrializing a wildlife refuge, as in taking an area specifically designated for native people and wildlife, and turning it into a fucking oil-field. One group of the natives have sold their souls for oil also, being set to profit from the venture. With dollar signs in their eyes they say that there is no reason not to drill in the lands. They make this claim as if being from the area gives them a free pass to make judgments. They make these judgments as if no one should scrutinize their ideas.

Money can be the root of all evil in the right situation, in others it is just evil itself. There are no excuses for anything.

Americans on the whole have not had to suffer from the war. The only people paying the price are those fighting it and their families. In the meantime, diabetes and obesity have exploded as epidemics, Fox News and CNN makes sure that we are reminded of this each night complete with snazzy titles and catchy theme music to boot. The president says that we are addicted to oil, yet, feels the need to open our last oil refuge to offset prices, the only thing we’ve been burdened with as our military slogs through the Iraq and Afghanistan practices in abandonment.
We are in Iraq, refereeing a civil war. We are doing this for oil, don’t fool yourself, we do need to have that oil or there won’t be an America as we know it. But now that we’ve removed and executed their despot and disbanded their army, there is no strong arm, except our temporarily deployed troops, to keep Iran from invading and taking over the oil fields. Which ironically was their land to begin with, i.e. Persia.
Iran is predominately Shiite as is Iraq, although Saddam Hussein was Sunni. This meant that he hated the Iranians with a passion that rivals their hate for us. Saddam invaded Iran before he invaded Sunni Kuwait; it was in our strategic interest to keep Kuwait from being overrun by Iraq. But not Iran, because after the revolution that replaced the Shah of Iran with the Ayatollah, Iran’s relationship the west soured beyond repair.
When the U.S. withdraws which we will have to do, especially with the prospects of a democrat as president, Iraq will be Iran’s for the taking. Leaving Saudi Arabia vulnerable, which is the country sitting atop the world's largest oil reserve. When Iran takes control of the world’s oil supply then they will effectively have us by the balls. Also Iran caters to Russia who is becoming more rogue with the posturing of Vladimir Putin, and China who is set to become the next superpower.
There is not enough oil in the ANWR reserve to stave off such a happening. Which is why wasting our money, which first off, isn’t really ours, we’re just borrowing from China, to fund drilling for a product which is on the decline and will only increase in price when we are cut off from the teat that is OPEC, doesn’t make any sense.

The only thing that we can do is set our country on a path to alternate fuels now. Not only will they be healthier, but they will give America something to keep its recently soiled status as the beacon of hope in this world. We will be able to market our new fuel alternative and the means to use it to the rest of the world, this will be extremely helpful when the shit goes down. This country is fucked when anything happens that may disrupt our oil supply, ANWR should be a last and I do mean last resort. In the sixties we dedicated ourselves to putting a man on the moon and beat the Russians there. This was mostly symbolic but it did fucking mean something.
Now we are in a position to do something that will mean something. And not just something, but a fucking lot. There are no real reasons not to pursue alternative energies, especially when we can see its benefits and applications right before our eyes. The bother is keeping corporations out of the construction stage and let them focus on supplying the product to the people (Us!).
Goddamn it, I know that we are in a dollar-driven society and there are no reasons to trust the Enrons of the capitalist world. But we can at least trust them to fuck us with cash. There are no guarantees that OPEC and its more rogue elements won’t try to bugger us holding our addiction over our heads while we jump for cruel entertainment.

Anyway, we personally know how damaging extremists can be this day and age in our own country (look at the Religious Right’s influence on . . . everything). But even when Thomas Jefferson visited the Arab World he was informed of the need to wipe all infidels off the face of the Earth. We aren’t dealing in irrational disputes over different forms of government anymore. We’re dealing with a coming man-made apocalypse. We got a taste of it in WWII, but now every-fucking-body can get nuclear weapons. Does the government have a plan for a terrorist detonating a bomb in D.C.(?), that would destroy so many government officials, buildings, not to mention the constitution. Fuck the Patriot Act and Alberto Gonzales, we’re talking about the worst shit America would ever see. Would there even be an America? This isn’t house-divided, this is house-without-a-structure. What if Dick Cheney is away on business during said attack and has to become the President. That would be a thousand times worse than Bush.

In short we are damned if we don’t. There has to be an end to the human race sometime, otherwise the planet would choke and die, and we all know that the planet would sooner kill us off than itself. It killed off the dinosaurs and now they’re getting their revenge. I hope that when the next species is making poison out of my bones that they have the sense to avoid religion and politics.


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Tiffany said...

Just out of curiosity, why don't you post this in your blog on myspace? As for the essay, very well done. I agree with everything you said.It is thoughtful, intelligent, well spoken kids like you that give me hope and inspire me to continue as a teacher. Even though I know that I had nothing to do with your growth as a human being, I still take pride in saying "He was one of mine." In it extremely rare that someone your age is as thoughtful about issues as you are, as I'm sure you are aware. I am criticized by my peers as being idealistic in that I actually believe that all my students have a shot at being successful and making the world a better place. I know deep down that many of them are doomed to make the same mistakes as there forefathers simply because that is all they know. I refuse to believe that I cannot make a difference. I watch as so many of you have come through my classroom and passed on to the next stage of your lives (or afterlife for a few) and it is heartwrenching to watch children I love fall prey to same social sickness and disease as those who raised them but still I believe that there is hope. You have never been one of those who are "doomed to fail." You voice your beliefs, hell, you have beliefs and that alone give me hope for the future. Please don't ever give up. Keep talking, writing, singing, screaming, whatever it takes. No matter what, don't let others stifle your voice. I love you, Sean. You are a very special person with gifts far beyond anything God gave me. Don't let them whither and die.