Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Arctic End

Well, come now. You and I
In the thistle-blown forest
Where the bashful animals take peeks from grasses.
And the trees keep a shade perfect for blankets,
And I
Spread the blanket.

We sat, we kissed, we made love.
I loved you, that was all.

Now I’ve called on you many times
Only to be ignored
As if a slam wasn’t enough, you had to barricade the door.

I’ve no time to knock or to ring the doorbell.
I must leave now, the clock is beating a quarter ‘til four.
I kissed my hand and blew you the kiss through the window.
I shouldn’t have had an obligation,
But you seemed so demur.

I halved a life with you when we met,
Then halved that, then that, ‘til I had more halves of you than me.
We shared something, might as well have been our lives.
And we sat, we kissed, we made love.
The closest thing to you is my passion.
And passion can’t satisfy, if it could there would be no need.
I loved you, you loved me.
We loved each other so much that the word meant nothing and only actions spoke.
I loved you, you loved me.

Well, were we gonna have six then?/ Well okay, we’ll have two.

I would have been alright if/ only it weren’t for you.

But there are some things that will only thrive in/ a run down old zoo.

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