Thursday, May 3, 2007


Sorry for there not being any breaks or stanzas,
but this only made sense to me when it was read in a fast block.

Sadly you kept breaking your back
Back when talking fast still meant something
Something for the summer speed freaks
Freaking out the tinsel haired and tinsel eyed
Tiers that stood high above the soot of life.
Oh come on they weren’t that high,
Some will never know how young others can be.
If you’re borne to be young, then is that a blessing?
I should like to think so because then I am blessed
I’ve baptized myself in the tears of the young
And the tears, that’s rips, in the reality.
Oh, a white room, so sterile
‘til the new savior painted it
shades of red bursting full color
Then casting his cloak he killed whatever you wanted.
The kings of cool grew up because that’s what they do
Not before love and lust they gave and couldn’t take back
We took it thinking of forever while living in the moment.
What a moment, a white hot flash of a moment
Trapped in time, no, time became trapped in it
Trapped in those exacting series of minutes
That became known as the moment,
They bent time, they bent minds
Those were the new assassinations
The new riots, the real moments of uncertainty
Nothing if not real, emblazoned on hearts and wallets
Then reality crashed our ships
We remembered why we didn’t like some people
And at the same time they remembered why they didn’t like us
A high is only coasting without a low.
Then in spite of the red we saw a new red,
Wanted it, wanted the blood of our countrymen enemies
Casting the first stone was not shamed, we were ready for it.
Or so we thought, now blame is ready to go round, on the house.
Let me get you a round, a healthy dose’ll do ya.
A healthy dose might even kill you, so I guess in moderation?
Laughing at the word was the same as laughing at the extinct
I suppose the meaningless never ceases to entertain
And that is what gives it meaning,
But in one moment, shining bright white heat,
Meaningful banter replaced reality shows,
Music replaced the machine sounds in our minds.
Care wasn’t fooled because it ran rampant,
We were fooled because it ran rampant,
Now, back in its turtle shell, we can only look at each other.

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