Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Excerpt: From A Street Corner Screams God

This is an excerpt from one of the books I've been a-workin' hard on:

Hell on wheels got nothing on my white ass blowing smoke and steam down god’s own highway and fuck-all cuz I’m a jackrabbit going to avoid the coyotes and scavenger types that imprint their particular brand of type on my forehead and you can take that to the banks of the river Thebes, put it in a newspaper boat and sail it to the ocean and if you’re timeless in your approach then on my lonely -----, I’ll find it and read the headlines.

Shove off letterhead lumberjacks cracking knuckles so loud the forests shake and quake under their own leaves and needles and evergreen going, going gone, and the forest will speak in some ancient language that we can’t understand cuz we’re so shitfaced the swirls spin and their spins spin and the spins of the spins of the spins will whip about in hurricane fashion and I’m left meticulously saving my scruples for a rainy day.

Don’t rain this-a-way no, no, no, don’t you rain this-a-way, Imma sloping my shoulders in a hunchback southern drawl with my thumb out band-aids, warts and all for a last call to make it to awake it and sleep it off son, there exists things that don’t wish to be awakened and you don’t want to be the one to wake ‘em up, so do as I a-say and just sleep off whatever geek minded ideas you’re floating that melon.

Kick that can down the alley cat’s way and hold yourself and brace yourself and don’t be looking outward but downward cuz this is where them dope-heads scatter their needles and aluminum foil boats and fuck ‘em cuz when you switch on the light they scatter too into darker and darker holes and I’ve no time to help and you’ve no time to help and they don’t want no goddamn help, just a buck or five and they can get fucked up off of cough syrup like you did in your grade school daze.

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