Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Anticlimactic Iron and Wine look-a-like guy.

There was smoke or steam coming out of the roof,
the sun was setting and the weather was stereotypically fallish.

At first some classical wannabe guitarist was playing,
hooked up to an amp, it was impossible to ignore him.

I was reading a crappy book stuck between two crappy bands,
A jazz quartet that lost the beat and lost the plot.

I wish the jazz combo would come back,
but I guess they've moved on along down the hall.

After the guitarist left another guitarist came along,
he wasn't plugged in, at least he could be ignored.

He started singing, loud, "Clowns to the left of me..."
nervous, strumming nervously, loud timbre to his voice though.

He looked like the guy from Iron and Wine,
he sang that one song: "Who will sa-ave your soul?"

Then with a tint of irony that made the windows black,
"... Hit me baby one more time!"

Well, it wasn't so bad, he gave the song some credit,
but after only thirty minutes, he started the playlist over.

The same songs, except he didn't sing 'Purple Rain' twice,
what a damn shame, what a damnable shame.

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