Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cops feel weird hearing rappers say "I run this city!".

Yesterday I saw a voodoo man
performing a hex on a sushi stand

There's always a woman tells me good morning,
on the stairs. When it's afternoon.

Bought a The New Yorker at a Barnes Ignobles
and every time I look at their magazine selection "I say Blugh."

(The cashiers can sense it too
Weird to be a writer away from your home, you know?)

The man on the street knows what you want
if you want a music magazine, Rolling Stone or Mojo?

He's got Snapple Lemonade and Payday candy bars
My eyes are red and a sniper has me in his sights.

Whatever you say is wrong, whatever I say is right.
Right? Wrong it's a bit of nomenclature. Write!

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