Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Everything seems so close when you walk

It's been a while since I've seen that voodoo man,
Also been a while since I went to that Sushi Stand

But the violin boy had accompaniment playing accordion,
I liked it better when it was just him.

White boy funk band with a saxophone in Wash. Sq. Park
C-SPAN on the TV fighting about the war.

I was sitting on the fire escape,
New York has the biggest squirrels I've ever seen.

There was someone picking a Sitar in the park,
When I say picking, I mean it was like a cosmic banjo.

Walked up what was positively fourth street yesterday,
Wore a white jacket, just going to the grocery store.

Direct from Madison Square Garden the poster said,
I'm going there today to buy a bus ticket.

25 hours to get back to Huntsville,
and that's if I'm lucky.

Times Sq. Union Sq. Walking distance,
Just pull a Eustace Conway and walk home.

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