Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Mural Appears, Late

It's been two or three days since I saw that voodoo man
performing a hex on a sushi stand.

Was sitting in Wash. Sq. Park, guy with a limp going by
A violin boy was providing a soundtrack, not many tipped.

Went to Thompkins Sq. Park where? East Village
Walked there from the West Village, down 3rd, 4th, 10th streets.

When I left Thompkins I saw a Joe Strummer mural,
snapped a picture, now I shuffled and it went to "Lover's Rock"

People in the park always offering you a bag of grass,
it's really oregano most the time, you can find better connections

Really enjoy the Village, Kerouac years spent here,
been to Hemingway years spent here, gotta keep moving.

Walked everywhere since I got off that bus,
except the taxi ride from the bus station. Cost: Ten Dollars

Temp is 57 degrees, that's Farenheit.
Poetry finally coming together to form a picture.

Not stricken with paranoia nor hustle,
just gelling with the city, feeling it out.

Many people with white wires going into their ears, walking around,
not looking around, probably trying to drown out the sirens.

My friend said TV on the Radio sounds like traffic noises,
I don't think so really, but I do hear "city" jazz on the rooftop

I think I just may walk to Penn station when I leave, at end of Oct. '07
William Penn it was named after, naw shit, so was Pennsylvania

Ah, no spell check, just my cold hands, no gloves,
Lost ten pounds since I got here. I was 160, push ups every day.

One day I may write about this period, maybe not,
Only if I'm broke, or inspired, that will be happy.

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