Monday, October 8, 2007

Telegraph From American University, Overdue

been on a greyhound bus for 20 hours stop gotta pull up the bootstraps and buckle the fuck down, no mucking about on the near or far shores that can't exist as far as my imagination will conceive.

my imagination has as of right now dried up into a stimpy sized pea, shriveled in the goddamn sun lie grape don't move til you're a raison cane wit booby traps, our traps can't be bothered with punctuation.

I'm late lazy stoned out of all mind and feeling gonna mull around numb as hell gotta catch the fall somewhere i may as well land where i can think softly and carry a big ol fat stick.

I was born a thousand times before i realized what the fuck was going on like what the hell is all this fluid and when it had a name i still didn't recognize and birth said you better recognize fool.

so i did and wished it was a binge on a subway hell a binge on hell and i've had enough fire and brimstone to be bothered with real life better flip that I'll I say I'll get on a case of real life taking durgs

aND YES yall i meant to not stop til when the break of dawn and not write again until the end of the day all day every day yes yes Yall ya don't stop with the body rock b-boys throwin down.

what i meant to say was i will write durgs instead of durgs whenever the mood hits me back and aa holly! that's a holla for the unintended uninitiated smack of dawn crack head leaned back.

eyesroll don't slap the biscuit from the hand that fed you, feed yourself and i'll clap like i'm a supposed to left the let down in a down trodden camp of okies longing for the nature of the hoovervilles.

if this was something else i'd say say goddamn to heavenly goddamn hellerific fantasmically oceanic universitality of the string theory and really i'd prefer the low end theory but when push come shove...

midnight marauder s by a tribe called quest that song steve bilko don't stop with the repeat on/repeat off this will never be put into a form that can be published and i'm fine with that stop.

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