Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today I didn't even have to use an AK...

I couldn't believe that today was a good day,
Went to Gizzi's and drank a Red Eye.

Walked around today shaven and saved,
went to a thrift shop looked at the sunglasses selection.

Ha ha, the village is in a post-wayfarers slump,
glad I bought mine a year before all of you did.

Went to the park, don't go to the fountain so much anymore,
listened to a free jazz combo, editing my first book.

Saw the police and they almost crashed into each other,
riding bikes and profiling black folks gathering.

The Jazzbeats backing them up, ah,
saxophone man took that smoky note and held it.

The drummer switched it up today,
playing with a brush and a mallet at the same time.

Dropped a dollar, not much,
but everyone is poor in the new millennium.

Went to the hot dog stand on corner of 5th ave and Wash. Sq. North,
places all over the place, eighth street is a treasure chest.

Know what Jack White meant,
can't keep up with hipsters, better to be a country star.

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