Thursday, December 13, 2007

Leaving Tranquility: On and On

Left behind my safety pin,
Decisions higher piled than before,
Shel Silverstein was right,
Shoulda took that garbage out.
Enough of the others,
Let us get down and out
To the nitty gritty,
Goin’ on to the somewhere else you hear of.

Hairline fractures on green leaves,
Water drops of dew slip through to our mouths.
Holy Sawyer,
And Nigger Jim,
Mr. Finn as well,
Captain Kidd and Charles Darwin,
Elsewhere in the ether we’ve heard of.

No answers anywhere worth looking at,
So let’s find a cacti,
Let’s ditch class on life for life,
In its place now and always,
No more mucking about,
Leave the bastards back there,
Where we never will hear of again.

Old saints hold older lamps,
Better make the end worth the beginning,
Got the same birthday as Elvis and Jesus and America,
Got the same birthday as Biggie Smalls and John the Baptist and Alexander Pope,
Just trudge on and on,
Won’t be any great dreams, hallucinations, ah peaceful,
Not again, leaving tranquility.