Friday, April 4, 2008

The unspeakable visions of the individual

Evil titular devices appear in great succession on the horizon.
One after another, sometimes six abreast as the Romans,
Sometimes alone.
Sometimes muddled together in one dark shape.
All the same, all in line.

It was not their distant similarity to one another,
nor, was it their disheveled nazi march.
It was neither the enlightened horizon at their feet,
nor, was it my own fear gripping my ribs and breaking them.

There exist other states of mind to view them.
Often as not,
they appear joyous as opposed to evil.
Often as a baby is born,
they kill time.
Often as angels get wings,
they blow air from their nostrils counter to butterfly flapping wings.

Once I witnessed a tear.
Once I was a tear.
Twice were I eyes.
Thrice I achieved sun brilliance on my own terms.
I haved lived one thousand times,
and not died.
Only the above seven were memorable.

I am old crazy bespoken have not on turnip leaves.

They march on.
Not lockstep.
Not not.

Hush the seas.
High and low tides of the madman brain.
Only in the moment.
Only hell god shit on us all madman of the same cloth moth.

Explode in heart
Break on the great
Savor the saviors

Saints watch us from their heaven.
God from his.
Devil watches from his heaven.
Stars peer all around from and in their heaven.
Moon cracks a smile from its heaven.
Jesus hides Jesus trees and eats Jesus fruits in his heaven.
I kick the edges of my heaven and it expands dented on the outside.

My saint god devil star moon jesus fruit falls off the tree.
No Newton beneath.

I'm trying to tell you the goddamned truth,
Story of the world old, long.
Could live all my life and talk awake, asleep, eating, smoking.
The story would not end.