Friday, October 24, 2008

Excerpt: Jean's Life

Now some more history. The president decided that potentially designating American citizens as terrorists was too risky after the excesses of past decades. A new buzzword was needed. This buzzword became “Anarchists”.

Politicians got drunk saying the word with no moderation.

The name was created after the CIA captured a group who fancied themselves terrorists but after due process announced that they were anarchists who used terrorism. The anarchists desired total annihilation of the American government and all western governments. Due process meant coercion of course.

Now when a middle school student drew an anarchy symbol on themselves they had to be sent to the principal. The principal would upload information about the infraction unto a national systematic profiler which winnowed down the names of the students’ relatives and their addresses.

These people were then put under surveillance that allowed for movie rentals, traceable purchases, internet use, traffic violations and all behavior requiring a name or social security number use to be cross-examined with no oversight by competing agencies.

School principals knew not what havoc they wrought. They only followed procedure. Now get that standardized test out, principal.

And who still refused to be bullied?


They absolutely refused to take part in turning over book check-out records. If someone wanted to read A Man Without A Country the government wouldn’t know about it. Some librarians were jailed, but a secret society called: FRAP or; the Final Refuge of the American People, managed to hire sympathetic lawyers of extreme caliber for the war against wars.

And who was winning that war?

Those who were well read.

Were they anarchists?

No. They knew the Communist Manifesto as well as they did the Republic and the U.S. Constitution. They were ahead of the game.

They were so well regarded in certain circles that scholars donated their personal library collection in secret for the sake of the world. They performed work as valuable as the seed storage facility in the Arctic Circle.

God bless them, they were called godless.