Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ashes of Youth: Chapter 2.1

It was the summer before my senior year and it was the second best time of my life. There were parties that lasted until dawn and friendships that would last until death. The summers are the most important time frame of our lives, they are endless yearning and hopeless hope, there’s a certain majesty to the idealistic sun that lasts all day. So this is where you first find me, having the time of my life so far, not knowing if the best years of my life are coming or going but lapping up the waves that form and break on me.

I am indestructible and I am young.

“How much money have you got?” it was a question posed to the gang of four but really it addressed the two people who normally have money.

“I’ve got twenty-five dollars but ten of it has to go toward gas” Liam said, “so if you can pitch in ten or fifteen, then we can buy two eighteen packs.”

“I can,” I said, “anyone else?”

“No” the other two said.

We wound up with thirty bucks and then drove to the one gas station that would probably sell to us. In the car it was decided that I had to buy it because I was riding shotgun and I had the best beard. I stepped out of the car and nervously walked to the door, I went inside and said “hey” nonchalantly to the old man behind the counter. I walked to the hot beer on the floor and grabbed an eighteen pack. I walked nervously to the counter and put it there.

“Do you have I.D.?” he asked me.

“Yeah, sure.” I pulled out my I.D. and tried to just show it to him but he grabbed it. Fuck I thought, he studied it a minute and asked, “Does this say ‘80’ or ‘88’?”


He asked me if I was sure a couple of times before he sold me the beer. Here I was, looking like I was giving him the hard time on the cameras. No time to worry about that, he held his hands out for the money. I fumbled nervously in my wallet for the green.

But now my hands trembled with excitement as I took the beer and when I stepped out the door. I could hear my friends saying “holy shit” as I walked toward the car, big smile breaking over my face. Then we drove off.

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