Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ashes of Youth: Chapter 2.2

It was great, the four of us driving around getting buzzed and as the night wore on we became drunk. We went back to the same gas station for more beer and got even more drunk. At about one our drunken driver had to go home, so we piled into my van and drove off into the night once again. We first went to our old school, our elementary and middle school and where we spent our best years together. We drank and smoked some brick and a couple of cheap cigars. We were sitting on an old bench talking for a long while.

“Christmas lights.” Danny said and laughed.

I looked at his eyes and saw him glaze-eyed staring into the dark distance. Liam and I repeated “Christmas lights.” and then we walked toward the lights. What were Christmas Lights doing at Carr School in July?

We walked toward the lights in bride-eye wonder. As we got closer reality washed over us like some token tide at the ocean, as casual as a moon ascension. The rapturous Christmas lights turned out to be trailers that reflected lighted sidewalks. Then I looked down and I swear I saw train tracks, Liam and Danny thought this was so funny that train tracks were on the campus.

This was what our old school was turning into and suddenly it made sense to be standing on train tracks. They must have led to the future because they sure as hell didn’t lead to the past, we were the past. There we were, three teenagers, friends since Kindergarten, stoned, at the height of the first half of our lives. I got high just thinking about the times we had shared together, some of them so happy that etched out, old smiles broke when we thought and spoke of them, some of them so sad and fresh that the scars still hadn’t healed. We were everything at that moment and it seemed as though the belly-button of the world had been yanked to where we stood, we led the world and it revolved to our beat. I don’t think I have ever had that sensation so strongly since. The stoned world pressed itself to the cool glass of what would become the future. We held the brick to smash that glass.

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