Friday, April 23, 2010

Ashes of Youth: Chapter 1.1

As a generation we learned to love and lose in a time when nothing was free and nothing was right.

I was sitting at my new desk and talking with the kid to my left. Someone I would accidentally stab in the eye later that year. "I want the top desk." he offered, referring to the cubby holes between us. "I wanted that one, but I don't really care." I ebbed back.

I recall only two things from my first day of school. We all remember events and things differently and with charged imagination. All the while zooming together on the glue highway of gravity through this universe. Over all I think we seem to not mean any harm, but we sure cause it for blue by reckless chance.

To my right was this blonde-haired angel kid wearing a purple shirt. I know this kid. He looked at me, as I did him. Before I had time to think any further we both shouted each other's names and hugged from our seats. I had known this guy in daycare, back then I didn’t speak much but we had talked some.

The first conversation that I recall with anyone since I left the Keys was in daycare with him about our different opinions of the women at the daycare. We debated until we fell asleep during naptime. James was the first friend I made in North Florida. We found a commonality to make significant both having been born in the Keys.

Right then I knew that I had no reason to fear anything. This was before I even had the chance to think that two more of the people in that room would become my best friends. Life is new and unprecedented as far as I can tell.

The people I loved would eventually be lost. For those who loved me, I would eventually be lost. We learned these things slowly and pointedly. But there was always the love. That's a victory if you need one to believe in.

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