Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ashes of Youth: Chapter 2.4

And then my eyes opened, my room was shaded by my dark drapes and yet my eyes hurt, I closed them and they still hurt. It was that dull pain that you feel in the back of your eyes, I knew it would last for awhile, but I kept my eyes closed anyway.

After what seemed like thirty minutes but was really about five, I dragged myself out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was surprised to find someone that didn’t look hung-over or empty like they try to describe in movies and books. But I did look rough, my lips were chapped and obviously so, my eyes still kind of bloodshot and my hair was a squirrel’s nest. I splashed water on my face and sat down in the living room.

Liam was in the process of waking up and I was thinking about a cup of coffee. I sat there in that semi-dark room and went over last night, something wasn’t right and then a snippet of conversation came back to me.

[“Where the hell is my pipe?” I asked. As I ran my hands along the floor of the car. I was a little worried that the chanteuse might have pocketed it without my seeing.
“Don’t worry about it hon” the girl said. I tired to eye her but she wasn’t acting suspiciously.
“I think Imighta left it at the school” Liam piped up in a sickly way.
“Shit” I said, “I guess we oughta go . . . get it in the mornin’” I was trailing off because I was worried about some slack-jawed teacher finding it and then I would never get it back.]

My thoughts were run over by the slow realization that it was drizzling outside. I hoped that my pipe wasn’t laying on any sand.

At about ten Liam and I were mostly awake. I had to take him home so we decided to skip breakfast and ride up to the school. When we stepped out into the day the rain caught us off guard. My father’s truck was not in the yard and then I realized that today was a Monday and he had gone to work. He was a contractor and a damn good one.

I walked up to the car and saw that I had left the lighter on the front seat in plain view from the window, also I had locked the doors in case there was any paraphernalia in the car. Though, leaving stuff on the seat sort of defeats the purpose.

We drove up to the school and the first place we went to, the swings where we sat drunkenly smoking cigars and half-swinging, was where my pipe had been left. It was on its side on the ground and the sand had kind of lapped up around it from the rain. We turned to go back to the car and I looked to where we had seen the Christmas lights. Liam must have done the same thing because he said “What the hell was Danny thinking when he said Christmas Lights?”.

“I have no idea” I responded, “what were we thinking when we followed him to them and then stood on the train tracks? If those were really train tracks that could’ve been dangerous.”

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