Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ashes of Youth: Chapter 4.2

“Man how can you drink unsweet tea?” Liam asked.

“Do you at least put sugar in it?” James asked.

“Nope I drink it like a man.” we all laughed and she came back with the drinks making sure to point out that I had unsweet tea, this got the required “ughs” from Liam and James.

We laughed and sat there in silence for a minute, and then I picked up where we left off earlier.

“Well you were supposed to give us food, shit, what if you didn’t? We would have starved.”

James laughed.

“Do you guys remember the JR bag that Danny had?” Liam asked us, well yeah we remembered it. We all agreed that it was awesome and we reminisced a little while longer. The food came and we ate, then paid and left.

We stopped by James’ Grandparents’ house to get a license so we could get to the pier. We visited for a while and then we went to a little fishing shack near the beach to get some lures and line.

We started up a conversation with one of the guys that worked there about King Crab fishing. I guess he liked James because he cut him a deal on the line. Then we stopped to get some ice and we were off.

Once we got to the pier we set up to get some live bait and then we chummed the water despite the people swimming right next to the pier. An older guy was fishing at the end and we talked a little while with him.

Finally it was time to break out the special water, straight vodka in a water bottle. With our drunken shark fishing the day aged and more people started coming to the end of the pier. Liam and I were hitting on some of the girls while James kept fishing. He was so determined to catch a shark he barely took notice when a really attractive older (I use this loosely because we were sixteen at the time) woman started hitting on him.

We kept fishing and after catching nothing we just dumped the bait and walked back to the truck. The sun was setting and we said goodbye to the ladies. When we got back in the truck we decided that it was time to hit the strip with our drink and James' speakers.

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