Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ashes of Youth Chapter: 4.3

Stinking from the long day, we hit it. Sipping on the vodka and yelling out the windows with the tweeters turned up all the way. Very young in a slap-in-the-face way.

Around eleven I was dropped off at my van’s parking space. I got in and we were leaving Panama, calling it a night. James’ flashed a thumb’s up at me and I did the same so he would know I was alright. I’d been feeling a bit sick. We were driving along making good time, then we came upon a red light on 231. I slid into the left lane. I looked over at them and they were already looking at me. James revved his engine and I did mine as a joke. But then he nodded at me and I nodded at him.

We turned to face the stoplight.

Green. Go! A minivan and an old S-10 drag racing on the damn highway. We started off tied then he pulled ahead, I gassed it hard, I caught him and then passed him. He gave up and I left him doing about 100 miles an hour.

I decided to not push my luck after I made a green light and he caught it red. I slowed down and just cruised along at 70. I went about twenty miles like this before I noticed a pair of headlights coming up on me fast, I didn’t think it was them until they whipped around me flipping birds out the window. I could see Liam working on the vodka.

I gassed it, trying to cut them off before they crossed both lanes ahead of me and got into the turning lane for Highway 20. I rode up on them fast and we both took the turn at about twenty five over railroad tracks. No time to think about that, they were ahead of me. I shot up to 80 and then at the first clear spot I shot around them doing 90 over a small bridge, whipping back in front of them. My speedometer was hitting 95. Then my cell-phone rang. It was Liam saying that they had to go back. I let up and watched them slow down and turn around in my rearview mirror.

I stayed pretty close to the speed limit on the way home. I was high from the adrenaline.

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