Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ashes of Youth: Chapter 4.4

Damn those days were fun and we didn’t even know that next summer would be better. Some things really can’t be helped and youth should always be one of those things.

People who supposedly define something usually don’t feel much of a connection with what they somehow define. This presents a sort-of quandary, for if one with no connection to a movement can make it then what does that say about those who actually practice the lifestyle?

Maybe that they are reaching, that on some low-key level they recognize that there is no answer and so they reach out to someone who embodies what they want to be. The practitioner would not deny his or her philosophy for practical reasons and so it must be attached onto something that can hopefully change it externally.

Do you think that Jack White feels any connection to my generation? I don’t think he even cares about his generation. When the White Stripes first came up, so many tried to proclaim the clarion call of a new generation with Jack White at the bugle. Of course that was an intoxicating prospect for myself, but as time went on I came to realize that most of my friends didn’t listen to them except a few singles.

Would you want that kind of stigma? I wouldn’t, and yet I practiced it, the false generalization of a false prophet that I procured from madness and nonreason.

This was how I made my friend James represent freedom. He was tied down to a job, a girlfriend and the place he lived. But for some reason I convinced myself that he was free. I don’t know what I was lacking to make me do this because I didn’t realize I did it until now. He didn’t change my idea of freedom and that was the thing so inverted about my thoughts on him

I still have every White Stripes album though.

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