Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ashes of Youth: Chapter 6.3

We weren't kids after we laid waste to each other. We never grew up either, we remained so unsettled and convinced ourselves otherwise. On the day we finished with each other I listened to "Three Little Birds" for hours feeling like something different had been broken.

Kids no more, no havens for forgiveness. After thinking about this I realized what they really meant by “If you love something let it go”

It’s not just a line for a picture show
Oh no, oh no.
If you really love something let it go.

I might have been the right one, the wrong one.
I might have been all or none,
Or one, or ten.
There are always a million, billion things that I could have been.

The next time I hear you sing Rocky Mountain Way
I’ll sing along under my breath, or out loud
From the valleys to the clouds.
My god I loved you and nothing's left to say.

Children do this to one another? Your children maybe? What are they but humans? And oh, do humans do the worst things to one another? Or can that be denied by the same self-serving convenience with which I singed my forest of emotions?

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